There is this lovely buzzing city full of canals, cannabis smell and the tastiest fries on the earth - Amsterdam!

Amsterdam. After I heard of this city for the first time, I thought, this must be absolutely crazy place on earth. And indeed, it is. But in a good way. Sweet shops on the other corner and coffee shops just few steps further. That is Amsterdam. Variety of things at one little place. I personally enjoyed very much a older district called Jordan. You can take walks along canals, undisturbed and away from all that rush of bicyclists, boats and tourists running around. You can explore tiny narow Amsterdam streets and now and then look throughout the window into someone´s kitchen. While I have been in Netherlands, I have noticed one thing, very new to me. People have no curtains in the whole Netherlands! First time when I heard this story from my beloved grandfather I thought that he is making jokes. But he was right. And I had a chance to to see it with my own eyes. I find it very interesting. This way I could get to know a style whish Dutch people decorate their homes with. And I certainly love it. Everything very simple, airy, white, maritime, wooden. Exactly what i adore. But to see is more than to hear or read. Take a look at my pictures from Amsterdam. Down below.

Watch my Netherlands video down below