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Recipes · 29. November 2019
This hearty and warming soup is a typical tuscan dish prepared on sunday, and re-boiled in the upcoming days with old bread (the tuscan non-salty one). Historically, Ribollita has been known as a recovery dish par excellence of the Tuscan culinary tradition. Try it home too!

Recipes · 08. November 2019
This cake is inspired by sunny side of Italy on the Amalfi Coast. The mascarpone cream in this cake tastes intensively after lemons which immediately brings me to Positano or Maiori where the lemons grow everywhere. The poppy seed sponge cake is very easy and quick to made so maybe so let this recipe to inspire you and make your weekend a little bit Italian! Let's prepare our Torta di Papavero with lemon mascarpone cream!

Recipes · 30. October 2019
I found the recipe for these cookies in my favourite cook magazine Billa - Frisch Gekocht. So I decided to give it a try and I must tell you better hazelnut cookies doesn't exist. Let's make them!

Recipes · 26. October 2019
Here another sweet Italian recipe which is easy and delicious to try1 Italian Coconut Biscuits with white chocolate inside. Try it at home!

Recipes · 08. September 2019
You have this lazy weekend, but still craving for ome home made cake delicious cake? Got some ripened bananas at the hand? Now you can either lie on the coach or have your easy peasy home-made banana loaf ready for the oven within 15 minutes. Here the recipe!

Recipes · 20. July 2019
No idea what to prepare on Saturday so fast for dinner? I have a tip! My italian tomato puff pastry pie which is ready in no time!

Recipes · 19. May 2019
Summer is coming and so the season of tomatoes will bes here soon. The best how to keep them nice and fresh is to conserve them in glass jars so you can use them also later on during th winter season and make this beautiful tasty tomato soup with bacon and onions! Enjoy!

Recipes · 12. May 2019
If you are awaiting some guests at the weekend and you want to prepare a original home-made and easy appetizer for them, do not hesitate and try these easy cheese and black pepper Grissini (Bread Sticks) at home! With some prosciutto or home-made basil pesto this would be a favourite snack for everyone!

Recipes · 04. May 2019
For Easter or a Saturday / Sunday brunch, is this frittata absolutely perfect and easy to prepare👌 Here is my version with Salsiccia. Lets' do it!

Recipes · 02. January 2019
This recipe is so traditional and yet very international - across Europe. Traditional slovak "pirohy" might be compared to typical italian "ravioli" (or stuffed savoury pie) and the sauerkraut, complementing this dish in my recipe, is very typical, rustic part of the cuisine in Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Poland too. Not difficult to prepare, very fulfilling and nutritious meal, is also known for its cheap ingredients. Flour, potatoes, egg, onions and butter. Simple and good!

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