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Travel · 03. August 2019
SARDINIA. On an island that could be called the Caribbean of Europe, I had the opportunity to spend 6 of my vacations. In 2014 and after my first visit to Sardinia, I immediately knew that this was a destination where I would return regularly. Do you want to know why? Keep reading!

Travel · 02. June 2019
Not every italian dinner must be held in a restaurant. Visit Peter's Home Cooking Class and indulge into real home italian cooking world!

Travel · 24. April 2019
I don´t think I have to introduce Tuscany (Toscana in italian) to you very much. It is a region in the central Italy with about 23.000 square kilometers. Scenery with unforgettable green landscape just take one breath away! Even million words cannot describe the beauty of this land. I had the great chance to visit Tuscany in July 2018 on our 2week adventurous journey throughout Italy.

Travel · 12. March 2019
If you have ever been to the south of Italy, especially the coast, you might have seen a stunning coastline with lemon trees all around, smiling people, amazing colours everywhere. But if you want to experience the real italian flair, start to plan your trip to Naples. The real Italy.

Recipes · 02. January 2019
This recipe is so traditional and yet very international - across Europe. Traditional slovak "pirohy" might be compared to typical italian "ravioli" (or stuffed savoury pie) and the sauerkraut, complementing this dish in my recipe, is very typical, rustic part of the cuisine in Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Poland too. Not difficult to prepare, very fulfilling and nutritious meal, is also known for its cheap ingredients. Flour, potatoes, egg, onions and butter. Simple and good!

Recipes · 26. August 2018
I love this pasta dish so much. It is light, easy to prepare and so tasty! I usually prepare this pasta during sommer time when I want to treat myself with something special and fresh! Follow my recipe and you can do it too!

Travel · 18. July 2018
Florence has its own charm and very old history. It is place of good food, stunning views and beautiful architecture. One place which stayed in my heart forever. Mi amo Firenze!

Recipes · 20. May 2018
Baked Cheesecake!This Neapolitan easter tart with strawberries and lemon juice is easy to prepare, tastes heavenly and it is very juicy. The ideal dessert for the whole family for the weekend!

Travel · 25. April 2018
Alghero is one of the most beautiful cities on the island Sardinia. Do not hesitate and visit this stunning place in the Mediterranean Sea.

Recipes · 22. April 2018
Gnocchetti Sardi, Malloreddus Sardi or Sardinian Dumplings with ragú. All stands for the same. The ultimate italian pasta dish from Sardinia. Easy, tasty and unique. Try my recipe at home!

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