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Recipes · 16. December 2018
As it gets colder outside, I am getting hungrier. During cold days like these, I am usually craving for some traditional home-made food which would make me feel warm and satisfied. And because I love french cuisine so much, today I was cooking "Traditional French Onion Soup". Let´s get onto it.

Recipes · 18. November 2018
Fancy a porridge with fruity twist? Let's try my traditional scottish porridge with raspberry coulis to beat the winter blues! Try it at home. It is simple to make!

Recipes · 15. April 2018
Prep time: 20 min Baking time: 20/30 min Serves: 6 persons

Recipes · 18. March 2018
The perfect weekend desert full of flavour and french flair!

Restaurant Reviews · 02. February 2018
Friday night out in small french bistrot in the middle of Vienna - I just love these cosy evening with glass of champagne!