Recipes · 05. January 2019
"La Caprese di Zia Rita" is the original name of this recipe by Gino D'Acampo which inspired me. My version of this delicious dessert contains mascarpone cream which accompanies this cake very well . It is one of the easiest and the most chocolaty dessert I have ever made! This tart is also gluten free and contains low amount of sugar. Let's get onto it!

Recipes · 02. January 2019
This recipe is so traditional and yet very international - across Europe. Traditional slovak "pirohy" might be compared to typical italian "ravioli" (or stuffed savoury pie) and the sauerkraut, complementing this dish in my recipe, is very typical, rustic part of the cuisine in Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Poland too. Not difficult to prepare, very fulfilling and nutritious meal, is also known for its cheap ingredients. Flour, potatoes, egg, onions and butter. Simple and good!

Recipes · 31. December 2018
New year's 2019 resolutions? Not a problem! With these KETO low carb Raffaelo Balls with Pistacchio cream from My Powerlogy is easy peasy to stay fit in 2019 and enjoy pleasure of snacking with NO regrets!

Recipes · 16. December 2018
As it gets colder outside, I am getting hungrier. During cold days like these, I am usually craving for some traditional home-made food which would make me feel warm and satisfied. And because I love french cuisine so much, today I was cooking "Traditional French Onion Soup". Let´s get onto it.

Recipes · 11. December 2018
I am so excited to share this recipe with you guys. In order to prepare this treat, I received a recipe in italian language from my colleague at work, who comes from Florence. Not knowing the language properly, I didn't really know if the procedure I was doing, was right. At the end, it turned out to be the best dessert I have made so far :-)

Recipes · 06. December 2018
I have never tried cake with the plum jam! But to be honest, this one is pretty delicious! Let's get onto it!

Recipes · 18. November 2018
Fancy a porridge with fruity twist? Let's try my traditional scottish porridge with raspberry coulis to beat the winter blues! Try it at home. It is simple to make!

Recipes · 02. November 2018
Apple Pie must be my favourite of all the cakes my mum used to make as I was that little kid watching cartoons every sunday morning. I can remember the smell of hot apple pie in the oven while baking as it was yesterday. Let me share the precious knowledge of making mama's apple pie ! Let's get onto it!

Recipes · 23. October 2018
This dish is notouriously known to everyone, or at least everyone who loves food. Honestly, I don’t know a single person who never ate a plate of Tagliatelle, Gnocchettini or Fetuccine with Ragu alla Bolognese before. Or "Spaghetti Bolognese" which you actually won't find in Italy in any (non-touristy) restaurant! Let's get down to cooking!

Recipes · 07. October 2018
Pears are favourite sort of fruit in desserts during autumn season. Let's make some delicious and easy-to-prepare dessert which everyone will just love. This one is fresh, juicy and good looking too!

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