About ME

Hi there!

My name is Katush and I am the editor of this personal food, travel and photography blog called 'Katush World'.

Welcome and enjoy your time browsing my website!

Unesco World Heritage Village in Slovakia
Vlkolinec, Slovakia

MY Story

Let's put it as short as possible :-D 

I was born as a keen dancer, traveller and explorer. I love cooking and taking tons of photograps - to capture my everyday journey throughout my life - these are my passions. 

Travelling always amazed me. As much as FOOD. 

France has been my dream country  since I visited Cote D'azur when I was 12 years old. It was actually my first foreign country I visited. I fell in love instantly with french food, culture and the language.

That explain the Eiffel Tower graphic in my very own logo. This piece of world fuse together everything I love so much - damn good food, the best wine in the world and the landscape for taking stunning photos. To put it into 2 words I would simply say "Savoir Vivre". 

The second most loved destination of mine is ITALY, especialy Sardinia, where I always love to come back for the most stunning white beaches, exceptional food and friendly people! 

MY Mission

My mission is to give the readers an honest overview of catering establishments, hotels and touristic places based on my personal opinion as well as to share ideas, impressions and experiences with you guys.

I  love to eat well, cook and travel- so you will find here restaurant reviews and my recommendations when travelling.

I will also share my cooking and eating experiences and food pohotos!



I am great lover of french and italian cuisine, wine and my articles are mostly related to french and italian restaurants, cooking and grocery products. 


MY Location

I currently live in Vienna, Austria.