About ME

Hi my friends and welcome to this website!

My name is Katush (short for Katarina) and I am just one crazy girl from Slovakia.

I am the editor of this personal food, travel and photography blog called 'KatushWorld'.

Eating pizza in Venice, Italy
Eating pizza in Venice, Italy

Welcome to my World = Katushworld

MY Story

I always used to dance in the kitchen. 

Obviously, I always loved dancing, since I was a child.


Besides dancing, I was helping my mom and grandma in the kitchen very often. Helping with eating. And cooking too. 


Nowadays, my passions have broaden up (besides eating) to dancing salsa, cooking, taking photographs and travelling.


And specially has food (mostly eating) and travelling always amazed me. 


I'm not a professional cook.

My grandmother was neither, but she was amazing in the kitchen and that´s probably why I always thought that she actually is, a professional cook.

I can still remember the taste of her plum dumplings.


I am pretty much after my grandmother.


For me -> a good quality food is like a CULT. 

Preparing it. Gathering together around the table.

Waiting. Tasting. Laughing.


My Perfect World.

(with some salsa music in the background :-D )


My Logo


WHY do I have the Eiffel Tower Logo on my website?FRANCE has been the country of my dreams since I visited Cote D'Azur when I was 12 years old, along with my school class. I instantly fell in love with the food, culture and the language and many other things. Simply "Savoir Vivre"

Not forget to mention, that France is the country where the most famous Gourmet Restaurant Guide comes from. 

And by visiting my website,  I will be also guiding you through the best food, recipes, restaurants and products I discover on my food journey.


That explains the Eiffel Tower in my very own logo.


Sometimes I happen to cook french meals too, as the french cuisine reminds me of my grandmother's exceptional slow cooking..

Besides, the french food is one of the best in the world! 

MY Mission


My mission is to bring to your table the authentic

ITALIAN FOOD through my Fujifilm lens! 


I want people to understand the importance of good quality ingredients and simplicity of cooking in order to prepare the most delicious, comforting and healthy (mostly italian) dishes.


I am bringing my passion for italian food to your home. 


Authenticity is for me important and I always try to cook only from genuine Italian products, or from local products that most resemble those of Italian in taste and smell. 


Travelling is big part of developing the real sense of what is it to taste the best possible food.

So you can look forward to travel articles from my journeys too.

Follow me on instagram for live updates where I am about to travel next at @katushworld !


Whenever I travel to Italy, I look forward to new meals I would taste and new people I would meet, which inspire my new culinary projects at home. 

MY Location

Although I would love to be living in Italy, I currently work and live in Vienna, Austria which is absolutely amazing place to be! 

Enjoy browsing my website, feel free to share and contact me if you have any questions regarding my website, food or anything else!