RECIPE: Keto Low Carb Raffaelo Coconut Balls

If you are also a little bit like myself and would like to do something good for yourself while having the neverending lust for something sweet and good, I have an absolutely delicious and simple dessert recipe for you all! Low Carb Coconut Raffaelo Balls. YUMM!

My Powerlogy Coconut Balls
Low Carb Coconut Raffaelo Balls







Preparation time: 15 min


Chilling time: 20+60 min


Portions: about 30



250g almond butter

200g cream coconut

80ml coconut milk

3 tea spoons coconut sugar 

200g grated coconut

1 vanilla pod

100g blanched almonds or macadamia nuts

100g My Powerlogy Pistacchio Cream 





Place almond butter, cream coconut, coconut milk and vanilla pod seeds into a mixing bowl. Combine well. Put the mixture into the freezer for 20 minutes to acquire a firm mass. This will be great for making the raffaelo balls later. 

After 20 minutes take out your ready almond-coconut mass. 

Take little spoon (or in my case- I used a watermelon spoon) to scoop out a little ball where you press an almond or macadamia nut into it.

Form a ball. 

Roll the almond-coconut ball in the "My Powerlogy" pistacchio cream and then cover in shredded coconut. 

Put on a tray or a plate and give it a good chill, at least 60 minutes.

The raffaelo balls are the best to enjoy well chilled. 


After that, enjooooooy with a cup of coffee without any regrets!


Have a wonderful year 2019!

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