My 2 favourite wine bars in Vienna

It is quite difficult to choose a wine bar to visit on friday night in Vienna because there are soo many of them. Let me help you with that and visit either "Der Wein" or "W-einkehr". You won't regret it.

Friday night in Vienna and you are not that much hungry but still want to go to some place for a good glass of wine in a cosy atmosphere? Then you should definitely visit one of these two wine bars: Der Wein or W-einkehr. Or even visit both of them at one night! 

Grand vin de Lafite Rothschild in Der Wein Wine shop
Grand vin de Lafite Rothschild in Der Wein Wine shop


This place located in Vienna's first district on the Riemergasse 6 is something between a wine bar, wine shop and wine museum - at least for me. You can find here a variety of exquisite wines and alcohol from all over the world at all price range. At the back area of the wine bar you can have a seat surrounded by dozens of wine racks filled with superb quality varieties of wine. The premises are divided into "Smoking" and "Non-smoking" area. When I first visited this place I found myself talking about the wine and food the whole evening. The atmosphere here is very pleasant and you will feel yourself like home. Peter, the guy who is behind the counter with antipasti, will serve you anything your heart is screaming for - as long as they have it available. He can also give you some more detailed information on food he serves out to you.

For a little (or big - it depends) hunger you can order a plate of antipasti consisting of bresaola, roast beef, french and italian cheeses, prosciutto, ham, different dips and fantastic freshly baked bread! They always have fresh products to choose from!

I usually come here if I want to enjoy an undisturbed and romantic evening. 

Opening hours are from Monday til Friday 11:00-23:00 and on saturdays 11:00-22:00.



If you have stuffed your belly and need a short walk, I warmly recommend to stand up, and walk down towards the Schwedenplatz Square, where you will find another amazing winery, where this time, the owner himself will prepare the best "dessert" for you - a plate of cheese, home-made chicken liver spread and of course piece of local bread. This cute wine bar is very cosy and can be very tricky to find a place to sit down if you do not book your table beforehand - this wine bar has got only 15 seats inside. But still -they have one of the best wine choice around! I love this cute winery because I always feel like it's been taken the best care of me. They also offer tasting packages with variety of wines from 15€ to 29€. It depends which combination of wines you choose.  

Opening hours are from Tuesday til Friday 15:00-22:00 and on saturdays 16:00-22:00.


See you there guys!

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