Unexpectedly delicious lunch in Bratislava

if you are looking for a michelin restaurant in bratislava, i must dissapoint you. At the moment, there is none of a restaurants holding a prestige michelin star. But if you are looking for a restaurant where you can taste food which would be worth a michelin star, i can give you a tip. visit restaurant called fach.

I visited Fach once, and it was pure accident. By wandering around Bratislava I got a bit lost and found myself on a Zelena (Green) Street. And because I was relatively hungry I was looking for some place to get some small snack. When it comes to food, I am a bit fussy. I was looking for something small, healthy, delicious, with good nutritional value. I stumbled across this very discreet looking bistro. So I entered and wasn´t sure If this place is also offering hot food, as I only spotted freshly baked bread and cakes behind the counter. I thought - wait- I am in a bakery. I asked the waitress if I could order some soup and of course - coffee. Later, I found out that this particular bistro is only one part of the many gastronomic premises they happen to run under the name FACH. There are 4 of them. A bar, juice shop, bistro and a restaurant. I actually visited the bistro. Very minimalistic, cosy and modern place. 

Creamy Potato Soup with grilled salad, garlic and egg yolk - heavenly food!

I ordered coffee (of course) and then I had a look at the menu card. There were only very few dishes on the menu. That is usually sign of fresh and tasty cuisine. It was relatively cold outside and I ordered some hearty warm creamy potato soup. I cannot describe how delicious it was. I would never thought that a SOUP would comfort me that much! I was full and satisfied! After I finished my soup I knew one thing. I have to come back for more! for more DELICIOUS food!

What I previously found out about this place was, that the former head chef of FACH Restaurant Lukáš Hesko, used to cook in "Michelin" Restaurants across Europe, including London and Stockholm and was honoured as "Chef of the year in Slovakia" while working in Fach restaurant. This strong influence has positive effect on current cuisine even when Lukáš Hesko doesn't work there anymore. 

What is also very unique about this place is their own sourdough bread production and juice shop. There is only one thing to say to this - DO NOT HESITATE AND VISIT this place! I strongly recommend their cuisine, products and absolutely delicious fresh coffee they offer! 

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