Le petite celebration in Beaulieau

Vienna is the hidden place of the best french caffes and restaurants around

Savoir vivre. French philosophy of living - in two words. Special moments in life should be celebrated. So at least once we wanted to celebrate life as real french people. In restaurant Beaulieau in Vienna.

A small, discreet bistro, hidden in a underpass in the center of Vienna is a wonderful place where you can easily forget about the fact, that you are actually in Vienna. The beautifully decorated floor at the entrance indicates the unforgettable atmosphere of cozy French restaurants. The scent of food instantly tells you that you are in the place where the cuisine is probably really delicious and tasty. It was Friday and we hoped we would get a table without reservation. Finally, we were lucky. We got the best table. Upstairs, on a small gallery-like floor. Absolute romance. We first ordered a bottle of  Crémant de Loire. The service and the atmosphere were fantastic. Bare in mind, there is 3€ cover charge, but at least you get complimentary variations of french salami, olives, semi-dried tomatos and bread to taste. We knew we had a maximum of 1.5 hours until the arrival of the guests who booked our table after us. We ordered the mains and left some space for the cheese plate. The good old la bouillabaisse (fish soup) was just remarkable. Lot of fish and we got plenty of baguettes which were freshly baked, to complement this dish amazingly. I ordered Gratin Savoyard topped with some Beaufort cheese, spinach and egg. My grandmother couldn't have done it much tastier! I was like in 7th heaven. Very simple but OMG so tasty dish - I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is hungry but also do not want to sacrifice the experience of delicious and well prepared food. For me it was a 5 star dish!

After we finished our mains, we were honestly totally full. I was not even able to drink caffee :-D But I had to try local french cheese. So at the and I finally ordered variation of french cheese. It is pointless to explain how good it was! If you ever have a chance to visit this small cosy restaurant. I definitely recommend it! Bon Appétit!

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