End of the year with french flair

I have heard so much about this little french boulangerie. I couldn't wait to visit this cute place myself. Even if its not a typical place in Vienna which you would be keen as a tourist to visit in this wonderful christmasy atmosphere. But that unforgettable smell of fresh baguettes and bread, old fashion stools and tables, black and white tiles on the floor are the reason why I just couldn't go anywhere else to quietly enjoy one of the last afternoons of 2017 in this fabulous city. 

There is no necessary to write too many words about this small Bistrot. At first, I was definitely charmed by the interior furniture which used to be a part of  an old apothecary shop nearby. If I only mention home-made croissants, baguettes, pain au chocolat, or quiche lorraine, your mouth will definitely start watering :-D and you would want to visit La Mercerie at once! After reading some articles on the internet, I found out that La Mercerie is run by a frenchman and he definitely knows what is he doing. Once you enter La Mercerie, the real parisienne feeling will be delivered just in a second. They are open from monday to saturday 8:30 til 7 pm. This authentic french Cafe is to be found in the 9th district of Vienna, Austria. 

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