Indian date in Tulsi

Friday rendez-vous at one of the best indian restaurants in Vienna

The other day me and my husband decided to spend  friday night out in some nice restaurant. We picked indian restaurant Tulsi in the Vienna´s 9th disctrict. We have already eaten there for many times before and because we didn´t want to experience any bad surprises, we chose Tulsi for our dinner once again. And we didn´t go wrong! Bar-tender allong with two young waitresses welcomed us very friendly, as always.  For a start we decided to get glass of a good wine. My husband couldn´t choose one by reading the description on the wine card, so one of our waitresses spontaneously brought him like 2 kinds of different wines to taste so he could pick one. It was really very nice of her. You don't see this kind of service everywhere!

As a starter we went for a "cheese plate" for 2. It was really very tasty, but also a bit "costy" for 12,50€ - but at the end it was worth it.

As main course I took Beef Korma and my husband Fish Goa. The taste of both was just so delicious that to describe it is not possible. The smell of all the spices in my corma, the coconut delicious sauce and soft meat were just yummmmmy. To finish off our dinner  I ordered  "Rasmalai" - a soft cheese dumpling all covered in almond-pistachio sweet milk withe maracuja-coconut ice cream. One of the best ice creams you can possibly get in Vienna without visiting an ice-cream shop!

Our evening in Tulsi was absolutely marvellous, again :-) 

Look at the pictures below.

Thank you #tulsi indian cuisine Vienna!

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