Diva Dinner in Trencin, Slovakia

I love good food. And I always look for a good place to go to eat. In my hometown Trencin it is not that easy to find such place to please my taste buds :-D. There is only few places - Either you could visit our best 4 star hotel called Elizabeth (www.hotelelizabeth.sk) and try their restaurant, or go to great italian place owned by 2 italian friends Massimo and Giovanni, called La Piazzeta. But this time, we discovered restaurant just next to beautiful Jewish Synagoge called DIVA Restaurant. We didnt even know that this restaurant exists. After finding out, that this place is run by very good chef Michal Skorec, we gave it a try. And we never regreted our decision! To be honest, our food was so delicious that my husband said that this was the best meal he had ever eaten in his life! I wrote a review on the tripadvisor, which you can read down below. 

And after 2 weeks - we came back again with our 2 friends who were absolutely amazed by quality, presentation and the taste of the food! Not to mention one of the most delicious wines they have treated us! My absolute top gastronomic recomendation while visiting Trencin. And for very reasonable price - for 20 €/p.P. we had a 5 course tasting menu! Lets have a look.

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